Marcia Zimmerman ImageMarcia Zimmerman, CN, is one of the natural product industry's foremost authorities on nutrition, wellness and human health.  Take advantage of Marcia's expertise and counsel in Lectures below.

Over the span of her illustrious 40-year career, Marcia has worked as an educator, product formulator, chemist and Stanford University Medical School researcher.  She's also authored several books, including The Anti-Aging Solution, Eat Your Colors, The A.D.D. Solution, 7-Syndrome Healing and 7-Color Cuisine.

Marcia has served as a consultant to some of the most respected companies in the industry, and has worked closely with several manufacturers in developing their formulations.  We're pleased that she's joined our efforts to support our
mission . . . empowering people to lead healthier lives.  You can learn more about Marcia and her work when you visit her website at www.marciazimmerman.com.

Enjoy the FREE Lectures below on a variety of topics ranging from pre-conceptual nutrition to menopause or the truth about belly fat. 

NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  Are you a Red, Yellow or Green? - Eat Your Colors!
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

We often choose our clothing colors based on how they enhance our features. Can the same be true of foods . . . and if so, are you a red, yellow or green?  Which personality traits determine your predominant food color and which foods should you be eating to keep nutritionally-balanced based on your color?  Find out in this fascinating lecture by nutrition expert, Marcia Zimmerman, CN. 

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Handouts:  Red, Green and Yellow Traits  Red, Green and Yellow Foods   Color Wheel


NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  21st Century Weight Management
Dr. Douglas Weed, D.C. - Genesis Health Institute, Inc.

CV - Douglas Weed, D.C. 

In his lecture, Dr. Douglas Weed, D.C. discusses weight management in the 21st Century.  According to Dr. Weed, successful permanent weight loss is more complex that just diet and exercise and is dependent upon a number of factors. Understanding the factors responsible for weight gain and those factors that prevent weight loss are crucial elements to success. Without this understanding, one cannot have a clear purpose to execute a logical plan to achieve weight goals.

Listen in as Dr. Weed discusses the health statistics of America, how prescription drugs play a role in weight loss or weight gain and his answer to permanent weight management. 

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Handout: Calculating BMI

Test Your Knowledge:  This 35-question quiz on 21st Century Weight Management will test your knowledge on the material presented in this lecture.  GOOD LUCK!  Take Quiz

NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  Emotions & Stress  - No Rollercoaster Ride for Me!
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

The nights are longer and bright sunny days are a distant memory in many parts of our country. It becomes more difficult to take those essential daily walks and the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables is reduced. Should you continue to enjoy your favorite produce items that now must be imported? Does your mood vary from day to day? Are you bothered by aches and pains that worsen in cold weather? What can you do to achieve better balance in your life as we enter this busy holiday season? You will be surprised at the easy shortcuts to better balance in your life. 

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LECTURE:  Mental Tune-Up: Simple Steps to Brain Wellness
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

It seems that in no time at all we will be into the hectic holiday season. This is the time to wind down this year's projects and get set for the next year. How can you amp up your productivity and keep your brain sharp? What should you avoid if you want to function optimally? Why can multi-tasking lead to getting less done? Join us and learn the tricks to keeping the brain and mind fit as you prepare to enter the holiday season.  

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NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  Flu Right by Me! - Seasonal Preparedness
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

The dog days of summer are waning and cooler days are a welcome relief from summer heat. We are preparing to defend ourselves against the changing weather of autumn and hunker down for winter. Besides getting a new coat, how can you get set to protect yourself against cooler blustery days? When everyone else around you is sneezing, you need to put up your shield of protection. What does this look like? What dietary changes should you make to optimize your ability to thwart attack by bacteria and viruses? Follow the sound tips in this lecture in order to maximize your protection.   

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NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  Toxic Kids - What you Need to Know and Do
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

Another school year is beginning and parents across the nation are trying to figure out what to feed their child as s/he heads off to school. But wait – perhaps you should clean your cupboards and pantry first!  Why? Common household cleaners, sprays and detergents can affect your child’s ability to learn. What about microwavable plastic containers or plastic water bottles? What hazards await the unsuspecting parent who is shopping for lunchbox meals? Don’t be fooled into thinking food ingredients are not a huge factor in learning. Even a trip to the dentist to get a filling can be hazardous. Learn what healthy dentistry means for your child.

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NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  Practice Safe Sun This Summer!
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

Solar energy is one of the greatest of life’s gifts. It makes us feel good and we absorb the sun’s rays on our skin to make vitamin D. Many people think a beautiful golden tan denotes health. Others think they are protected on a cloudy day or when in the water. What is the real story behind these and other popular ideas about the sun’s impact on health and well-being? Sun is good for us – but under certain conditions. Have your seen water birds wearing sunglasses? Learn their secrets in protecting eyes when at the beach. Sunlight is also the determinant of which foods we should be eating and when. Listen in to this fascinating to learn the effects of this solar experience on our physiological and psychological health.  

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NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  Woes of the Week-end Warrior
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

Warm summer weather brings out the desire to get moving and enjoy outdoors. You may have (or think you have) enough energy and stamina to go out and “just do it” – even after logging in 40 hours at work. But sometimes being a “weekend warrior” catches up with us. Come Monday, we may find nagging knee pain, an aching back or some other ignored-it-another-weekend injury. Even if you’re not a weekend warrior and put in more hours working out than average, you can end up in physical therapy with similar injuries. Most of these aches and pains stem from a combination of overuse injuries and poor flexibility.   In this lecture, you'll learn what you can do to avoid injuring yourself,  how your hormones are affected by the type and timing of exercise and what you can do to alleviate minor weekend warrior injuries. 

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NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  Sugar Lovers and Insulin Resistance
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

Love carbs and sweets? You may be one of a growing number of folks with insensitivity to glucose. Intolerance to glucose is linked to the concept of insulin resistance, which in turn, is part of the “metabolic syndrome.” The relationship between glucose and insulin is quite complex and involves the interaction of many metabolic and regulatory factors. Normal insulin sensitivity varies widely and is influenced by age, ethnicity, and obesity. Listen to this lecture and connect the dots to see where your love of sugar may be leading you. Be sure and have a tape measure handy!  

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NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  Happy Camper Cells
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

There are approximately 100 trillion cells in your body, with 100 billion of them making up the brain and nerves. How can you possibly manage to keep them all safe and healthy? Your body is remarkably clever at defending itself. Special systems are activated when you encounter something that could harm you. Your job is to provide the tools your detoxification and immune systems need to prevent chronic diseases from getting a foothold. Another strategy is to keep as many environmental toxins away as possible.  Happy Camper cells don't like disease; so liste in to this lecture and discover some of the simple things you can do to keep your cells happy! 

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NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  INSPIRATION - Breath Easy!
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

L-U-N-G is the kind of word that doesn’t quite engender the appreciation this remarkable organ deserves! We breathe 22,000 times per day and process some 300 cubic feet of air through our lungs. I-N-S-P-I-R-E is actually another term for breathing. We take this activity for granted and often even forget to breathe – at least for a few seconds. Nerves play a huge role in this. Our lungs don’t give much warning when something goes awry, but associated respiratory organs in your nose, sinuses, and throat may signal that you need to pay attention. You may be surprised to learn that what is going on down in your gut affects how your lungs function. This informative lecture will INSPIRE by showing you how to guard your respiratory system. 

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NFOW Heart ImageLECTURE:  Periconceptual and Prenatal Nutrition
Marcia Zimmerman, CN - www.MarciaZimmerman.com

In this lecture, we focus on the essential nutrients for women and men that should be considered prior to conception as well as proper nutrition for women during pregnancy. This lecture will also stress the important factors that may help reduce the risk of having a child on the Autism Spectrum. If you are pregnant, considering having a child in the future or would just like to learn more about this area of nutrition, take advantage of Marcia's expertise and counsel and join us for this very informative lecture. 

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